Yet organisations worldwide work on average at 20% of their actual capability. The cause is often a deployment of people in a way that doesn’t utilise their strengths and therefore hinders productive collaboration. And we find this despite numerous studies revealing that people who work to their strengths every day are not only more content, but also approx. ⅓ more productive. Just imagine the possibilities that would present themselves if you could maximise your staff potential!

Since 2014, organisational development consultancy The Collaboration Practice has pursued the goal of enabling effective and successful working within organisations.

The concept of collaboration sits at the heart of our approach.  We firmly believe that the principles of collaborative working can give your organisation a competitive advantage. Through our tailor-made consulting, coaching and training solutions, we support organisations in overcoming silo mentality, implementing a strength-based approach and ultimately increasing their productivity.

Core topics include:

  • Optimized employee deployment (e.g. strength-based employee deployment, implementation of effective teams)
  • Cross-departmental working (e.g. center vs. country organization, virtual working, interdisciplinary collaboration)
  • Leadership development (Focus: Ambidextrous Leadership)
  • Conflict Management
  • Vision, Values & Employer Value Proposition

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