Brexit - Collaboration at breaking ppoint

Brexit – Collaboration at Breaking Point

Is Brexit an example of collaboration at breaking point?

You can be forgiven for wondering why there needs to be a commentary on the post-BREXIT situation and collaboration when it seems obvious that collaboration is exactly what is not wanted. I would agree that BREXIT has little to do with collaboration other than it will be collaboration that in the end sets the tone for the future.

Few issues have shaped the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom more than BREXIT. A fraught negotiation process is now followed by its destructive aftermath. Crucial details omitted in haste are attempted to be quickly patched up. The impacts of this haste are many, and ‘clear’ outcomes are difficult to manage especially with the ongoing COVID crisis. This lack of clarity and perspective has severely eroded trust.

Is Britain sticking to the originally negotiated results or trying to change things in its favour? Where does the future of the country lie, if it is in great danger of suffering significant brain drain and skills shortages?

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