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Collaboration is at the heart of our work. It not only promotes trust and psychological security, but is clearly reflected in the overall results of any organisation. That is why we, as a boutique consultancy, put together individual, tailor made service packages for our clients that help to drive collaboration forward with the appropriate flexibility and enable your company to achieve the desired success. Our entire range of services can be implemented purely virtually, hybrid or in personal contact.

With the help of an initial consulting meeting, we develop a foundation of questions on which we recommend a tailor-made modular approach. This will support you in filtering and identifying organisational questions and challenges.

As a helpful supplement, our CollaborationIndex® is available to you, with which you can also identify the relevant questions or topics yourself and work on them through corresponding content modules. Our CollaborationIndex® framework allows you to directly track the effectiveness of the implemented measures.

Here are some of our core topics:

Executive Development

Knowing what you don’t know will help you find the best suited solutions.

Our Executive Development training programmes are tailor made to each organisation and bring together global thought leadership practices.    

We will help you build a comprehensive individual toolkit as part of your broader leadership library.  The topics we cover include:

  • Ambidextrous leadership
  • Purpose-lead organisations
  • Creating trust and psychological safety
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Driving employee engagement
  • How to get the most out of virtual teams
  • Self-leadership
  • Leadership identity
  • Customer centricity

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High Performance Teams

High performance teams exercise deep trust and are measuredly better in defining and reaching common goals. They are also better at openly sharing information and responsibility for output. Our tailor made high performance team development workshops are based on the principle of the five dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni. Each team defines concrete outputs to implement, and where required, with further support from us.  

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Executive Coaching

We offer a holistic and practice-oriented executive coaching approach, as approved by the ICF. This applies to individual coaching within organisations as well as to private one-to-one coaching. Together we agree on a defined coaching goal in advance, which leads the coaching process to a successful outcome.

In addition to executive coaching, we also offer team coaching, conflict coaching, career coaching and outplacement coaching.

Contact us for a free exploratory conversation and find out how you can bring your best self to every working day.

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Collaboration Consulting

Often collaboration is seen as teamworking, co-operating with colleagues or working in partnership. It can be all of these things, but it is more than this! Collaboration, when applied consistently and with deliberation, has transformational power and can act as a catalyst for high performance across the organisation. It can also help you to shift mindsets to allow your organisation to work in a truly customer centric way.

We support you in defining, implementing and ultimately benefitting from the power of collaboration in today’s VUCA world.

Implementing a collaborative corporate culture to the benefit of the entire organisation means living and breathing collaboration. We identify opportunities to dial up collaborative behaviour and support you in reaping the benefits of your efforts.

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The Collaboration Practice UniLab is an intelligent, fully tailor-made Learning Management System, that enables learners to intuitively engage with inspiring  content based on relevant capabilities. Alongside a carefully curated influencer list also offers a wide variety of training programs and coaching opportunities. 

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The Collaboration Index®

Collaboration in companies is a matter of heart to us. That’s why we don’t just talk about it, but work concretely with our CollaborationIndex® on measuring collaboration. When we collaborate, innovation happens and productivity increases. The introduction of a collaborative leadership and corporate culture is directly reflected in the organisations balance sheet. With the help of the CollaborationIndex® we guide you to your individual success.

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In times of post-demographics, the issue of “age” only plays a subordinate role. Instead of getting bogged down in the competition for young talent, it is important to promote the wise and experienced minds of the Know-How Generation 55+, to further qualify them and to bind them to companies in the long term through innovative employment models. With their competences and experience, embedded in a stable framework of values, the Know-How Generation enriches the teams: 

Cross-generational teams deliver demonstrably higher productivity and employer attractiveness. Companies can reap these benefits if, on the one hand, they equip leaders with the skills and abilities to lead cross-generational teams with little conflict, and on the other hand, they clearly signal to the Know-How Generation that their knowledge and experience are valued in the company and that they will develop and implement joint perspectives with them. At the same time, not only the right tools are needed, but also a change of mindset in the leading culture in order to be able to reap the full benefits for the oragnisation.

Our modular programme, consisting of training, coaching and consulting, starts precisely at this point.

Talk to us. We will be happy to present the content of our modules and support you in developing customised solutions for your cross-generational team.

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Speaker Engagement

Britta, but also other members of the The Collaboration Team, are available as experts, speakers or workshop leaders for a variety of topics. These range from collaboration and leadership development to customer centricity and getting the best out of teams. For enquiries or further information about speaking engagements, please contact us on ask@thecollaborationpractice.com or call us: +49- 30 516 33 016

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