The Collaboration Index

Collaboration is much talked about these days, and in danger of becoming the latest buzzword! This does not do it justice though, as when we collaborate, innovation happens and productivity increases.
And what’s more, success through the implementation of a collaborative culture directly reflects on the organisational balance sheet.

But how can we measure the degree to which companies are already fulfilling their collaboration potential? How can we assess which measures are required to optimise an organisation‘s collaboration potential?
Well the answer is Yes, you can.

We have developed the Collaboration Index to measure just this. The Index comprises eight different dimensions.

A short questionnaire, including each of these dimensions, delivers a clear picture of your organisation’s status quo as well as potential relevant measures.

We recommend to measure the collaboration maturity through the TCP Collaboration Index at the beginning and at the end of an organisational development process, in order to be able to clearly attribute the efficiency of a specific development action.