We had reached a point with Silverton where the team spirit was at the point of collapsing .… Working with The Collaboration Practice has helped us greatly to realign our business and create a corporate culture based on a shared value system. Many thanks to Britta and The Collaboration Practice Team for the excellent support.
Jascha Hofferbert, Managing Director

Every business is different; because every business is made of a diverse set of people, and every person is different.

There is therefore no ‘one size fits all’ problem we solve.

And often the problem you’re facing is actually a symptom of an underlying cause.

Instead we find that starting with a question is best; what question can we help you with?

Here are some examples of key questions:

We have new management - we now need help with our vision / mission / purpose.

How do I motivate my people and deal with conflict constructively?

To what extent do I allow myself and my staff to deal with mistakes vs. delivering bottom line profit?

How do I foster collaboration across the company?

As part of our culture change, we plan to implement a flatter hierarchy. How do we go about doing this?

We are expanding rapidly and want to make sure we benefit from diversification. How can we make that happen?

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