Resilience Bootcamp Webinar March 2021

Our follow up resilience bootcamp webinar with Marieluise Maiwald is happening on 18th March 2021.

Proactively managing stress levels is a key leadership skill, especially in 2021. This one-hour bootcamp is a deep-dive into a technique that allows you to gauge your own stress levels, and also assess it for those in your team. Importantly, it provides a neutral way of discussing wellbeing and mental health while jointly exploring relevant solutions.

This webinar will cover:

• An in-depth guide to the Energy Grid by Loehr & Schwartz

• How to place yourself and your team in the high-performance quadrant of the Energy Grid

• How to best approach and discuss mental health with your team

• How to proactively shift between regaining energy and performing

When: 18th March 2021, 14.00 – 15.00 CET

Where: Zoom link will be provided upon registration

This event has ended