Pandemic Lessons: Love IT, Change IT, Leave IT – What does the post pandemic future hold for organisations?

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the organisations we work in – from the way they operate to how they are getting the best out of their people.

Which concrete lessons have we learnt? Which of these changes are here to stay? And importantly, what does this mean for a post pandemic future?

Let’s kick-off the new INSIGHT COLLABORATION series on Thursday, 28th April, at 3pm CEST with a PANEL DISCUSSION on this topic featuring

Thomas Ellerbeck (TUI),
Betta Maggio (U-Earth),
Oliver Obitayo (IDnow) and
Dr. Natalie Lotzmann (SAP).

In the BOOTCAMP following this panel discussion we will investigate how these crucial changes can be successfully carried through the entire organisation in a way that sticks.

Join us on Thursday, 28th May, at 10am CEST.

Please register on the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany Website here: